Getting Started Step by Step Guide

Getting started, step by step guide and Setting School Bus Tracker is simple and straight forward. After subscription purchase of package of your choice, you will have access to the School Admin dashboard that will be used to set up and monitoring of the school bus tracking. We provide you a step by step guide on how to setup the school bus tracker system.

Below are the step by step guide for setting your system for the first time.

  1. Add Guardians/Parents

Login to School bus admin dashboard using the credentials provided. Go to Guardians menu

Guardian 1 - school bus tracker

Click on Add New Guardians, Fill Guardian information including Name, Relation (Father, Mother etc) and Phone Number. Note that the guardians you add are those whose children use your school bus services. As Guardians can add other Guardians using the School Bus Tracking App, you can add just one Guardians/Parent per student, otherwise when adding more than one Guardian for a student, make sure you Select Main Guardian.

Add New Guardian - school bus tracker
Add New Guardian

NOTE: Phone number entered in the Add New Guardian form will be used to login to School Bus Tracker Parent App.

  1. Add Routes

As the name suggest, routes are the path the school bus will take for pickup and drop off students. In the admin dashboard, click on routes

Routes - school bus tracker
School Bus Routes

Click on Add New Route and give route a tittle and choose the school the route belong too. It’s important to give a clear and well understood name of the route that you can easily understand.

Create New Route - school bus tracker
Add New Route

Don’t forget to click Save.

  1. Add Students

Add students who are using the school bus. In the admin dashboard click Students

Students 1 - school bus tracker
School Bus Students

Click on Add New Student and fill the form. Select the student guardian and school. Select the route the student uses. By adding the route, the system will assign the school bus a student will board as buses will be linked to their respective routes.

Add New Student - school bus tracker
Add New Students

Add Pick up and drop locations including latitude and longitude coordinates. You can find the coordinates in the google map. See the image below.

Google Map - school bus tracker
Latitude and Longitude

Search the pick and drop locations in the google map, click it and copy it’s latitude and longitude.

  1. Add Drivers

Click Drivers from the Admin Dashboard to see the list of drivers.

Drivers - school bus tracker
School Bus Drivers

Click on the Add New Driver to add drivers details including name, phone number (which will be used to login the driver app), route and the driver license which parents can use to verify the drive identity.

Add New Driver - school bus tracker
Add New Driver

  1. Add Bus

You can add your school buses in to the system. The number of buses you can add are limited with the package plan you have subscribe. You always upgrade your subscription at any time. Click on Buses from the dashboard.

Buses - school bus tracker
School Buses

You can manage the buses you have entered and adding new buses. Click on Add New Bus to add new bus.

Add New Bus - school bus tracker
Add New Bus

Fill the required information and click Save.

Congratulations. You have finished setting up your School Bus Tracking System. If you have any question please contact us. You also find more useful information on our other documentations.

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