Frequently Asked Question

How does it work?

The system has 3 parts, a web based (Dashboard), a Parent/Guardian app and the Driver App. Students, Guardians, Bus and Routes are linked together through the dashboard. At the beginning of each trip, a bus driver will open the driver app which will use phone location to show where the school bus is located.

Through the app, the driver will be able to see the list of students to pick up and can mark as picked or dropped.

Parents/Guardians Will download Parent app and login with their mobile number assigned to their children by the school. They will be able to see the list of their children, location of the bus, driver info etc. Parents will also be able to set the child status as absent for the driver to not come to pick the child.

Do I need a Smartphone?

Yes, since you will need to install a mobile app, a smart phone is required for both drivers and Guardians.

There is Android and iOS apps for Parents/Guardians and only Android app for Drivers at the moment.

What are the requirements?

You will smartphone, your school should register to our system (by subscribing to our affordable yearly fee.) which is used to register Guardians, add Students, School buses and Routes which are linked to the mobile app. Your school will then notify you to donwload the app and login with your phone number.

How soon can we start using it?

As soon as the school is registered and your child/children has been added to the system. Usually in a day or 2 after payment is cleared. Your school will contact you when it's done.

I am not from Tanzania, can my school use this?

System can be used by schools and guardians from anywhere in the world. Your school can start using the system as soon as they subscribe and payment is cleared. Contact us for details on how to register your school.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on the agreement with the school but it's on the cheap side of the spectrum.

I don't have email address for registration.

As a Guardian or Driver, you won't need an email address to use the system. A phone number is used instead. Remember, to be able to login, your phone number must be allowed by your school.

Lost my phone, now what?

Report to your school immediately, the number will be deactivated from accessing the system. Once you have renewed your number or got a new number, inform the school and it will be activated.

I can't login to the app.

Please report to your aschool or contact us with error message you are getting.

I am hiving issues with the app, who should i contact?

If you are able to login to the app, then you can use our inbuilt contact us feature within the app to report the issue to us.

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